Allegro Music Classes

A string program combining Suzuki and traditional techniques

General Information


Private lessons are available for 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions and are taught at the teacher's home as well as other specified locations. For beginning students, we recommend 30-minute sessions.

PARENT PAK (for beginning students)

The Parent Pak is a set of materials required as a one time purchase through the school. The Parent Pak includes materials for both the  parent and student. The materials contained are:

  • Violin and bow prototype
  • Music book
  • Cassette or CD
  • Practice Records
  • Time card
  • Various worksheets and learning material




Group lessons are provided free of charge to our private lesson students. They are available on Saturday mornings and are suggested for all age levels participating in our program.  

They are taught at the home of Raye Pankratz:

6170 Elsbury Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46236




Recitals are held throughout the year.  Costs associated with recitals (practice incentives, accompanist, and recital space) are included with the price of tuition.


Violin and Viola

  • Raye Pankratz
  • Meghan King
  • Glen Kwok


  • Robert Sansone


  • Raye Pankratz

Administrative Director

  • Katie Greiwe